How to Stop Pop-up ads on Android Device?

Nowadays, most of the android phones come with a customized OS. This opens a lot of back doors for apps to acquire permissions and use them for pushing ads. While browsing or playing some apps on your Android Phone, you may have encounter Stop Pop-up ads on your Android Phone. These ads come as personalized or target ads. Ads can be fullscreen or notification shade on Android devices. However, there are some easy steps to Stop pop-up ads. Now, let’s begin the steps to stop ads without delay.

Stop “Display Over Apps”

Some apps used special permissions to push full-screen ads on the screen. To stop these ads, open the settings and search for “Display over apps”. If you are using Mi Phone, try a search for “Display over other apps” and open it.

stop pop-up ads on android Phones

Look for the culprit app

After clicking to display over apps, you will see a list of apps having this special permission. This permission allows the apps to display over the other apps in the pop-up window.
stop Pop-up ads on Android Phone

Disable the permission

Going through the app list and disable the permission for the apps. If you don’t know about the displaying Pop-up ads app, I suggest disabling permissions for all and then enable it one by one.
Note: You can also enable this permission if the app is essential for you

.stop Pop-up ads on Android Phone

Personalized Ads on Mi Phones

Using a Mi Phone, the user has to see a lot of ads in the menu section or in the notification area. These ads come with the header as Personalized ads. To stop these, Go to the settings page in Mi Phone and search for “Personalised ad recommendations”. Click on it and disable the permission for display ads.

Open Ads

Again, go back and open “Ads” and disable the toggle. This will block the intrusive and misleading ads.

Lite Mode or Data saver mode

You can also enable the “Lite mode” or “Data saver” mode from the settings page. In this mode, the webpages are directly loads from the Google servers, removes all the unnecessary elements like Pop-up ads, banner ads, and misleading ads.

Stop Pop-up ads on Android Phones

So that are the steps to block the Pop-up ads on Android, Chrome and Mi Phones. Not all of the apps show intrusive apps and exploit user permissions. However, you can easily disable the permissions for the apps particularly clicking on the apps and manage permissions for them. This is from our side, in case if these steps are not working for you, comment below and let us know the issue.

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