What’s new in Firefox Mozilla update

What’s new in Firefox Mozilla update Mozilla Firefox has free version sixty-six of its Firefox browser. It gives options all of the same old technical school updates and bug fixes. However, there’s additionally a transparent theme here, reducing online annoyances. With this update, we will currently mechanically block auto-playing audio and video — the scourge of the trendy net. The means Mozilla has enforced this can be good enough to acknowledge once a video is wiggling with the audio muted, still let the page quietly play that video.

To play the video on a website wherever Firefox has blocked the video, you just click the play button. you’ll be able to additionally continuously whitelist sites with autoplaying and unmuted videos, too.

Another major annoyance lately is ads that load when the text or different content on a website is already visible. Often, the ad then moves that text around (and sometimes, slow-loading pictures square measure accountable here, too). With this update, Firefox is introducing scroll anchoring, that ensures that you’re not aiming to bounce around on the page as these slow-loading ads load.

mozilla firefox update

Other updates during this unharness embrace the power to go looking inside multiple tabs, higher search privately browsing mode, improved and clearer security warnings and net authentication support for Windows howdy. Firefox sixty-six additionally guarantees associate improved extension expertise that ought to build pages load quicker by storing extension settings in an exceeding line rather than a series of individual files for each extension. Download

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