Whatsapp is working on disappearing messages feature

Whatsapp is working on disappearing messages feature: facebook owns Instagram and Whatsapp messenger. Recently the facebook rebranded the Whatsapp and Instagram on Playstore. Well, not the name but in detail, you can see “Whatsapp from Facebook” and “Instagram from Facebook.

Whatsapp with disappearing messages
Whatsapp with disappearing messages

Facebook spokesperson clearly said in the conference that ” Facebook wants to be everything clear and in front”. Also, We are waiting for the dark mode in Android and other features as UWP (Universal Windows Platform). Last month, Wabetainfo tweeted about the upcoming Whatsapp UWP and Whatsapp disappearing messages. This feature brings the chat sync like the telegram.

Whatsapp with disappearing messages
Screenshot by Wabetainfo

Yesterday Wabetainfo tweeted that Whatsapp is working on disappearing messages. Whatsapp beta version of Android 2.19.275 is only eligible for this feature. This feature is in alpha development now. Also, you have an option to disappear a selected type of message within 5 minutes or 1 hour. After disappeared of messages you will not have to track your removed messages.

The user has a choice to mark the messages as disappeared by enabling the “disappearing messages“, in the group info. After enabling this option the message will be automatically removed. The chat disappearing feature can be available in private chats also. The feature is tested in alpha development for group chat in Whatsapp only.

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