WhatsApp Touch-id & Dark Mode: WhatsApp Beta

A few months earlier WhatsApp announces about the new upcoming features on Android and iOS Devices.
After a long Christmas break, a new privacy feature in the beta version of WhatsApp is spotted.
Facebook has always been a concern about the privacy of the user. The fingerprint locked with touch-id gives the user encryption to the chats and the data.

You can simply switch to the beta community of WhatsApp by the Google play store.

One can simply join the beta community by Google play store in WhatsApp.
The dark mode is also been spotted in beta version but it is not confirmed yet when this feature gets in the stable version of WhatsApp.

To enable the fingerprint in WhatsApp go to settings > privacy > Fingerprint locked

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: consecutive voice messages

This feature helps the user in listing all the consecutive voice messages or audio files sent by the contacts.
On click, all the consecutive audio files will play one after the 
The feature also allows the users to easily send the audio messages (preview) to contacts.

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: Media preview

Media Preview is the best feature I must say. Media preview helps to preview the video messages before download, it also previews the links without redirecting it to the browser.

The features like media preview and consecutive voice messages can be available soon to the stable version of Whatsapp.

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