Xiaomi 14 Ultra Full Review | it is Better Than Apple and Samsung

when I saw the estimating of xiaomi 14
Ultra Worldwide adaptation I respected xiaomi’s
mettle I was considering they are offering

it for that kind of cost so meaning
they are prepared to battle with Samsung and
Apple right so I’ve been looking for
the reason why it’s so costly for the
past few days at that point I found the reply
presently the camera is its best weapon by the
way I’m here in lovely Barcelona to
bring you live report from MW Z24 so I
can’t get my hands on the xiaomi 14
Ultra so my colleague did the script for
this video he moreover did the xiaomi 13
Ultra and xiaomi 14 audits and I can
guarantee you that this video will be as
great as ever and we would appreciate
in the event that you’ll be able donate a thumbs up for the
collaboration here some time recently I begin the review
Approximately the Chinese adaptation
I need to create one thing clear this
xiaomi 14 Ultra we have is the Chinese
form compared to the worldwide adaptation
there are very some contrasts like a
greater battery and more adaptation choices
the blue ceramic form you see here
presently is only accessible in China in the event that you
can live with the Chinese room which has
has slight issue in compatibility with
non-chinese apps but Google portable
administrations is working fine indeed with the
shipping and custom charges buying the
Chinese adaptation is still the cheaper
alternative so for those who are interested
within the Chinese adaptation check out the
interface down underneath affirm let’s begin with
Camera specs
the equipment of the xiaomi 14 ultra’s
camera system because it is composed on the
screen it isn’t a huge update from the
13 Ultra the most camera sensor has been
supplanted and the opening is greater
in spite of the fact that still 1 in interior measure the 5x
telephoto camera’s gap is additionally
greater there’s moreover the 3.2x camera that
at last has no crop it’s a focal point with a
genuine physical 75 mm central length the
ultra wide camera has not changed at all
so we are going center primarily on the other
three cameras let’s be fair whether
13 Ultra VS 14 Ultra
it’s an expanded opening or a longer
physical central length it’s all about
having more honed or shallow profundity of field
photographs in moo light can the XI 14 Ultra
do it it does but is it a huge
Advancement not truly on the off chance that I told you
there was a gigantic distinction in these
photographs you’d be chiseling me simply
are dazzle in terms of sharpness and
profundity of field I’d be difficult squeezed to
say it’s much of improvement of course
in case I zoom in on the photos to compare
at that point I can certainly see that the 14
Ultra will be a small superior in each
way but truly exceptionally few people would
Zoom me in a number of times to see the detail
like I did so if you bought the xiaomi
13 Ultra congrats you’ll utilize it
for another year I do not cruel that the
14 Ultra sucks but since the 133 Ultra
is as of now incredible it appears like a 14
Ultra is a small bit too bad for this
cost goodness and for this likea colors you
can check out our sh 13 Ultra camera
test from last year since the 14 Ultra
hasn’t changed much I won’t rehash it
once more compared to that little Enhancement
Unused highlight
in picture quality I like three unused
highlights of the 14 Ultra one could be a mcro
mode this time both telep photo cameras
bolster a super near focusing distance
Mak making it conceivable to require so numerous
interesting photographs in the event that you take a photo with a
13 Ultra at the same remove you’d
just get a foggy photo the moment
include is ultra Zoom which employments AI to
enhance image quality this feature has
showed up on phones from Huawei and honor
and has gotten blended surveys since
some people feel that the AI will make
the photography unlikely and others
think it’s fine as long as the picture
quality gets better the good news is
that the xiaomi 14 aultra actuates this
highlight as it were as it were when the zoom exceeds
a 30X and a switch is given to let
you select for yourself whether to
actuate it or not this include is still
in beta and some of the time it won’t offer assistance it
too doesn’t actuate it in moo light so
do not shoot objects as well distant absent is the
right thing to do the final highlight is
expanded profundity of center which makes the
profundity of field more profound this permits you to
get a Sharp Photo without having to
shrivel opening since it is a
multiframe composite it’ll moreover have a
stronger HDI effect this can be very helpful
for taking pictures of nourishment xiaomi too
Nots that its representation mode hasn’t been
working well so it has created a unused
mode the master portrait mode in this
mode the differentiate of the representation is
decreased as well much differentiate in likea
representation mode can bring out a lot of
imperfections I’m beyond any doubt your young lady will just like the
new Mass pit much way better whereas the
Video record
xiaomi 13 Ultra as of now bolstered four
cameras to record a 4K 60 FPS recordings you
still got to halt recording in case you need
to switch camera the foring AR solof
this issue this time around by
exchanging between the four cameras as
you need in recording thanks to the more
control productive sensor you’ll be able also
record a 4K 120 FPS recordings unfortunately
not at all like the noia z60 ultra that can do it
with all cameras as it were the most camera
can do it on xiaomi 14 Ultra cinematic
motor still only support 10p 30 FPS indeed
in spite of the fact that the new Master Cinema engine can
record a 4K 10bit hge LG video it can
as it were be recorded with the fundamental camera
and it’s bolted at 30 FPS so like this
in atic mode I do not truly like utilizing
it to compete with senson and iPhone the
14 Ultra selfie camera now support a 4K
60 FPS video recording as well there’s
no autof Center however but that’s a good
begin I’m a enormous fan of utilizing Master mode
Proficient Highlights
when utilizing the xiaomi 13 Ultra since
auto mode has one terrible thing the default
exposure is as well tall on the off chance that you would like to
lower the introduction you would like to tap and
slide down afterward like this which is as well
choome the 14 Ultra eeve alteration
button is one of my favorite highlights
this time around you do not have to be
switch to Pro mode to require cinematic
photos the master mode has also been
updated for the more proficient clients
in addition to the custom ton tones and
honing that the 13 Ultra as of now has
it too permits clients to save presets so
you can quickly alter of Photography
parameters depending on the scene xiaomi
has also teamed up with Adobe to empower
the 14 outra to require a 16bit crude photos
and recognize them in Photoshop and
Lightroom I can show you a 16bit photo
in a bit video but it’s like a raw photo
that’s been composited over numerous
pictures and at a look you’ll be able see which
one is the way better choice in China you
Photography Unit
can fair pay an additional $97 to get this
photography unit fair like the ancient show
the new photography pack permits you to
install a 67 mm channel the way to put
the channel on has been updated evacuating
the channel requires you to press this
button the same way you change the focal point
on a professional camera this modern hold
has also been changed from a Bluetooth
Interface to a sort ceiling which will make
this shuttle lag much littler what’s
indeed more curiously is the new battery
within the grasp which makes it a control bank
for your cell phone and allows you to
charge your phone at full control without
removing it presently that creates this camera
unit indeed more worth buying xiaomi is a
company that listens to the clients so
this time as we’ve anticipated it comes
with the capacity to customize the
work for the grip buttons and the
wheel last time I complained that there
was no way to rapidly switch between the
various cameras with a single press this
time they settle it this is why I adore
xiaomi the photography kit isn’t continuously
perfect though for case there’s still
no way to switch focal points through the hold in
Pro mode in some cases the inert bug
can moreover make you miss a few extraordinary minute
but all in all it is an amazing
photography extra and I would
suggest all photography devotees to
purchase it in theory the screen on the
xiaomi 14 Ultra is the same as a 14 professional
with a C8 board from TCL there’s a boost
in brightness in spite of the fact that which is is almost
the same as the s24 ultra if you want to
say what’s great about this screen it has
to be the Deming DC like and 1920 HZ B1
Demi is something Samsung and iPhone
never had a lot of people hate curved
screens but the curved side of the 14
Ultra screen is so little simply can’t
take it as a curved screen the show
range is nearly level additionally the four sides
are almost rise to in width I think it’s
fair a perfect screen here like other
Benchmark & Gaming
picture centered phones the4 Ultra perform
execution isn’t precisely Top Notch the
benchmark scores are normal no
surprises there the gaming encounter
was way better than anticipated indeed with the
a few leg by and large smoothness and power
consumption were fabulous at slightest much
better than the s24 ultra this should be
the second phone besides the Nubia z60
Ultra that manages to beat both the
photography and the gaming
involvement when I saw this 90 W charger
Charging & Battery
whereas unboxing I knew it hadn’t upgraded
its wide charging power well thanks to a
arrangement alter in China damp charging
power for xiaomi phones has finally gone
back to 80 wat but there’s a awful news
since of a alter in a location that
remote charging coils it may not be
congruous with all charging docks for
perfect charging at 80 watt you may
have to buy their most recent charging dock
this time the xiaomi 14 Ultra moreover comes
with a 5,300 million Ginga Waterway Battery
other than the contrivance title xiaomi does
brought a greater battery with new
materials that’s fair great for
consumers so after observing the survey
do you think the xiaomi 14 Ultra worth
the €1,500 cost tag to be fair I do
think it’s still a bit costly since
the more glad camera framework hasn’t
received many overhauls compared to the
13 Ultra but in case you buy it in China I
think it’s worth it the xiaomi 14 Ultra
is definitely a phone that can compete
with s24 ultra or the iPhone 15 Professional Max
it’s fair that xiaomi still needs a few
time to demonstrate that it’s the leading one
after all samung is 86 a long time more seasoned man
apple is moreover 48 a long time old but xiaomi is
fair a 14-year-old kid it has a parcel of
potential to gotten to be world number one all
right I’m well B from China recording
this video in Barcelona see you another

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