Zee5 HyperShot App To Compete against TikTok, Instagram

Talking about the most used app in India with billion of downloads. Yes, the TikTok has the most number of users with a maximum number of downloads on Playstore. Instagram is also there, these apps are having most user-generated content. Google has also launched TikTok rival App Tangi last month. Now, Zee5 launched its own new HyperShots App to compete against these Social Apps. Zee5 is the Indian video on demand service by Zee Entertainment.

Reportedly, the ‘HyperShots’ app will have a feature to make a 90-second video. These videos clips are from major celebrities and general users alike. It will be exciting to see if the ‘Hypershots App’ will offer similar filters and effects like TikTok or Instagram.


Tarun Katiyal, CEO of Zee5 said to Business Today, “We want to be the super app of entertainment, a one-stop destination for digital videos”. He also said, “We don’t want users to come to us only for long-form and go somewhere else for short-form. The digital ecosystem will make users come back more and more and their habit formation with ZEE5 will happen.”

Zee5 has 9 Million users in India, this number is bigger than TikTok and Instagram users combined. It will be exciting to see the new Zee5 Hypershots App features that make it a better competitor.

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