Zoom App Announces 5.0 with AES 256-bit GCM Encryption

Zoom app hits 300 plus million subscribers in three months. Zoom becomes recently popular in coronavirus pandemic for cloud meetings used by several small and big companies. Also, Zoom faces several security flaws as data leaks and hacking of video meetings despite of users are growing with a spike.

In order to identify and protect addresses, and enhance the security and privacy, Zoom announces v5.0 with support of AES 256-bit GCM Encryption. This encryption will provide an extra security layer to video meetings and user data, resistant to leaks. The AES encryption will be also available to Video webinars and Phone data.

The CEO of Zoom, Eric S. Yuan says, “I am proud to reach this step in our 90-day plan, but this is just the beginning. We built our business by delivering happiness to our customers. We will earn our customers’ trust and deliver them happiness with our unwavering focus on providing the most secure platform.”

The zoom app update also adds a security icon in the meeting menu bar. This menu is to make sure to users about the instant access over to important security controls. The security feature will be released in a week with GCM encryption and will enable for all on May 30. A security icon will also allow users to “report a user” to Zoom. The new update brings sharing only option to host in education customers.

Zoom app version 5.0, enable default waiting rooms for users to Zoom’s education, basic and single pro licenses customers. It also adds the ability for hosts to provides Waiting Rooms in ongoing meetings. You can download the updated version of Zoom by clicking this link, or update within the app store.

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