Spotify Premium revised Plans launched Podcast streaming

Spotify is one of the best music streaming apps used worldwide. The app has millions of songs from all genres and mood filters. In the app, you will get top trending Indian and Global songs based on your listening. The Spotify app has earlier revised its plan for Indian users. In the latest update, the music streaming service has revised its basic and standard plan also added video streaming podcasts to the app.

Spotify Premium Revised Plans

In the premium section of the app, you will now see a mini premium plan for only Rs. 7. Earlier, the one day plan comes in Rs. 13 with unlimited listening without ads and downloads. The mini-plans has limits to downloads only 30 songs on 1 device. The one time plan also has a variant of Rs. 25 for a week validity.

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On an individual plan, you can save up to Rs. 429 on the yearly plan if you purchase before 31 December 2020. The offer also includes 3 months of Spotify Premium free for individual people. After 3 months you will be charged Rs. 119 per month.

Spotify Video Podcast

In the app, there is already a podcast from your favorites, Now, Spotify has also added the video podcast, to listen you have to click on the home banner in the app. The Spotify Exclusive features Joe Rogan Experience Episodes, also you will get suggestions about the other podcast recommendation based on streaming choice.

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These video podcasts are played in the app in the standard video format. You have to option to skip the podcast, switching the subtitles, Playlist. Also, you can increase the playback speed of the video from 1x to 3.5x.

Will Spotify becomes the next streaming service after Netflix? and other. What your thoughts tell us in the comments below.

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