Google Meet

Google announced a lot of features last month for Gsuite and other members. The new feature involves the improvement of Google Classroom to Meet Call. The tech giant has now started rolling out Background Blur and Grid view for up to 49 people.

All the video conferencing platforms has background blur and custom background feature. Finally, Google meet is getting into it. But not the custom background feature yet like Zoom. The feature has been started rolling out for some users.

You can now add or remove your tile from the grid view. On hovering your profile in ‘People’ section in hangout, & you will get option for same. Also, the maximum people visible on the screen is extended up to 49 people with a 7×7 grid view.

Google Meet 49 people grid view

Currently, the feature is only available in Google meet web versions. By default, the grid view is set for only 9 in auto layout and 16 in auto tiled. To change to grid view, you can simply go to three dots and click on ‘Tiled’, and it will start showing you a grid for 49 people. The feature is adding a slider which lets you adjust the number of people you want to see in the grid. The slider adjustment feature will be specific to the meeting, for every new meet you have to again config the settings.

Google Meet Titled view, Background Blur

To change the layout, Go to settings> Change Layout and choose for Tiled. Also, for smaller windows size, the feature will auto adjust the grid size for better visibility and user experience.

The feature is already started rolling out for Gsuite members from yesterday and will complete in the upcoming 1-3 days. For non Gsuite members, the feature will start rolling out from 21 September and takes 15 days to complete visibility.