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Instagram roll out TikTok-like Reels to Indian users

Indian government bans Chinese apps including TikTok. After this ban, many apps with short video feature launched. Instagram Reels is already available in Brazil, France, Germany, and now in...
Instagram PWA on Microsoft Store

Instagram PWA is now on Microsoft Store

Instagram has upgraded its Desktop Client app on Windows to PWA. Instagram PWA App is now available on Microsoft Store for download. The new version is comes...

Instagram is testing features like Love Animations and Nicknames

Instagram is testing direct messaging last month for the web version. The direct messaging on the web version of Instagram may come in the future. Here, is another leak...

Instagram Details leaked -Check If You Are Safe

Thousands of Instagram Login credentials of users leaked online. These are stored in a database of a media boosting service called Social Captain. The service helps users to grow...

Instagram Is Testing Direct Messaging in Web Application

Now, you can use Instagram Direct Messaging on desktop and Mobile web version. Till then try this for Instagram DMs in Desktop Web using Inspector tool.

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