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5 Top-Rated Photo Editor Apps on Play Store FREE

Taking photos is always great but before uploading it to social media or to share with family or friends sometimes it requires some edits. I have selected some of the best Free top-rated photo editor apps on play store with amazing filters and features which give you a Wow editing experience.


Its a fully developed photo editor by Google. It offers pro-level editing tools e.g. Curves, White Balance and Raw Editing. It offers a cool variety of filters for your edits.


2.Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free and powerful editor by adobe offers a lot of cool options to edit your photo. Also, it offers free features as Presets, Profiles, Curves, Color Mixer, Clarity, Texture &Dehaze and much more.



PicsArt offers a lot more than any other photo editor it has an awesome collection of filters. You can also design collage and logo editing of the photo is made easy in PicsArt.

It has also a premium version known as PicsArt Gold Version, with the premium version of PicsArt you can get a lot more features to edit.


4.Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is a photo editor by Adobe. Offers Blemish removal, color filters, watermark edits. It also has a Raw image edit feature with Text style.

It has awesome features as One-touch Filters, Noise-Reduction, Defog, Perspective Correction you can only access this feature when you sign with an Adobe Id. You can signup for free.

Download(Photoshop Express)


PhotoLab has a 4.5-star rating on Play Store it has amazing profile presets. You can directly share your image with social media after editing.

Its Foremost Features are Neutral Art Styles, Photo Frames, Face Photo Numbers, Photo Filters, Photo collages, and Collage maker. It has also an option to add animation to your photo.



Pixlr is one of the top-rated apps in the play store with a million combinations of FREE effects for edits. hence, does not require you to signup or account creation just download the app and start editing.

Offers features as Double Exposure, Blemish removal, Color Splash, Crop and resizing images quickly without saving.


Choosing top-rated apps on Android

With these Top-Rated Photo Editor Apps on Play Store, you can edit your photo like a pro and share it with your friends. You can choose the app as your requirement. For collage making, I recommend PicsArt and Pixlr. For Color presets and Profile edit I recommend to use Adobe Lightroom and Photolab.

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Realme teases 64MP quad-camera in upcoming flagship on 8th August

Realme recent smartphone is realme3 pro, having a great feature and 48MP triple camera. Realme teases 64MP quad-camera in upcoming flagship on 8th August.
Earlier Madhav Seth has hinted about the working on 64MP camera setup.
Now in yesterday events, it’s unveiled that it’s launching on 8th August in a tweet of CEO Madhav Seth.

Realme CEO Madhav Seth hints yesterday about the upcoming 64MP quad-camera setup.
Realme claims it as the world’s first smartphone having 64MP guard camera setup and beat redmi.

This 64MP smartphone will first be launched in India, with 1/1.72″ camera
sensor and mega 1.6µp pixel with amazing camera shots in low light.

Chrome gets new UI and privacy updates

Chrome latest version, Chrome 76 gets new UI changes and some privacy updates.

  • Dark-mode in Websites
  • Install-button in Omnibox
  • prevention of mini-info bar from appearing on PWA
  • frequent updates of Webpack as manifest.json

In Chrome 76 Omnibox will now show an install button for every PWA websites so as to makes easier for a user to install Desktop Progressive Web Apps. Your Site must meet the installable criteria of PWA in order to get the install prompts for your site. On user clicks install prompts, it will call prompt() event; showing a dialog box to install PWA.

Faster Updates to WebApks

When Progressive Web App gets installed on Android, it checks manifest.json so as to update the changes done by the user as a change in an icon, background-color, splash screen and many more.

Add to Home Screen Prompt

In Chrome 76 the manifest will gets checked and updated on every day or at least three days. In case of update of any properties, chrome will request and install the updated WebAPK.

Dark Mode In Websites

We want dark mode everywhere as it feels good with dark UI. The media query in Chrome 76 now adjust the site look and feel according to your OS i.e it matches the OS theme and the user’s preferred mode featuring new UI improvements.

Prevent tracking in Incognito mode

In our daily work life, we usually work on the incognito mode of chrome. Some of the websites monitor the user’s events using FileSystemAPI.Chrome 76 will now prevent these trackings in incognito mode of chrome and secure your privacy.

Whatsapp new UWP is expected to rolled out.

According to the report Whatsapp is working on a UWP(Universal windows platform ).

In this latest release you will be able to log in to whatsapp without authenticate by your phone.

Whatsapp web version will work while your phone is offline. whatsapp can also gets feature like sync as you can get your all of chats on any device you are logging in your Whatsapp .

Whatsapp UWP version

Wabetainfo on Twitter tweets about the UWP of Whatsapp but it’s not confirmed when it will get rolled. The Previous version of Whatsapp web is released in 2015, it requires the user phone authentication with connected to the internet. As users know we have to scan the QR code on the desktop by Whatsapp web section of Whatsapp on our phone.

Whatsapp may work as the Telegram does, it works on end-devices for users with synchronized chats.

Google Site Kit for WordPress Plugin Here What it Offers

WordPress has billion of users worldwide.It has plugin architecture and mostly used for blogging and also for other web content .

g site kit wordpress

G Site kit plugin

Google Site Kit for WordPress Plugin Here What it Offers : WordPress users have to navigate to diffrent tabs for submitting their website to Google or they have to install diffrent plugin for that .

G-Site Kit is a WordPress Plugin by Google currently in a beta testing it offers all the services in one dashboard of WordPress.

It works on Google Cloud services and requires the API keys from the projects to acess the data.

After submitting the API keys it will automatically connect to the services of Dashboard.

You have sign-in to Your Google account and accepts the terms & Conditions in order to get the API keys .

G-Site Kit have services as

  • Google Analytics

Shows how users navigate across your site and of they complete the goals you have set for Conversions.

  • PageSpeed Insights

Give you the result of how your pages performcompared to other real-world sites.Improve performance with tips from PageSpeed Insights.

  • Search Console

Understand how Google’s system discover and render your pages. Track how many people saw your site in Search results,and for what queries.

  • Google Adsense

Keep track of how much your site is earning you.Or if you haven’t yet, make your good content work for you by setting up an Adsense account.

G Site kit , Google Adsense
Google Adsense

The stable release expected to have Google optimize and Google tag manager also.

Steps to add the G-Site Kit to your WordPress

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Add new plugin
  • Upload the downloaded zip File of G Site kit
  • Click install

Now go to G Site Kit Dashboard to connect your website easily to the services.

Google analytics

Create a account ,then create a property and add your website .Your tracking code is automatically get connected to your website .

G Site kit Google analytics
Google Analytics

After this you will able to see the analytics in the dashboard view.

Google search console

Search console index your website posts and links on Google .You have to submit sitemap of your site .

From Google site kit you can easily link your website as a property on Google search console.

Don’t forget to add your Google Analytics to your Google Search console .

You can do it by go to the property settings in your Google Analytics account .

PageSpeed Insights

Page speed insights gives report of your website performance on Mobile and Desktop .

This get simply activated for your site .

It shows how your website is performing on Desktop and Mobile .

Read more Page speed insights

Google Adsense

Google Adsense monetize your website to show ads & you will get some revenue on users clicks .

In order to enable monetization of your website you have to add your website to Google Adsense .

G Site kit redirects you to Google adsense and automatically verifies your ownership for website .

You don’t have to add any verification code in header of your website.

After Activating this plugin you will able to see the Google analytics , Google Adsense ,Search Console report and page speed insights of website at one place .

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Share Gifs Images Directly from G-Photos

Gifs images are always been funny and messy to share.
But what if I say now it’s easier to share to your contacts or to social handle from the image search. Yes, Google has opted a new option of share to the gifs image from the Google image search.
This feature is live on the Google Android and iOS.
The shareable options include Gmail, hangouts, Google photos, and to other social handles.

google photos android new feature

Gifs images are always been funny and messy to share.
But what if I say now it’s easier to share to your contacts or to social handle from the image search. Yes, Google has opted a new option of share to the gifs image from the Google image search.
This feature is live on the Google Android and iOS.
The shareable options include Gmail, hangouts, Google photos, and to other social handles.

How To Watch ALT Balaji Shows For Free

Watch alt balaji shows for free

Alt Balaji offers a great whoo content of series. The query “How to Watch ALT Balaji Shows For Free” becomes the most searched query related to the Alt Balaji Google search. ALTBalaji is an Indian subscription-based video on demand platform which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Balaji Telefilms Ltd. Launched on 16 April 2017, …

ALT Balaji includes Videos on Demand and Subscription Services. Some shows of ALT Balaji are very popular and demanding to have a good rating of IMDB. 
It offers a subscription plan of  ₹300 for 12 months and ₹100 for 3 months.

These subscriptions include Exclusive shows and Unlimited Entertainment

  • Watch all episodes of every show.
  • Watch all the shows as and when you want! No limits!
  • Download when you want and watch later without internet
  • Share with your family – watch on 5 devices.

You can watch the shows the ALT Balaji Shows for free By some of the Apps which you can get from the play store.

1.MX Player

MX Player is a media player available for android devices. It has three sections in the app media, online and profile section. The Online section of MX Player includes the options for live streaming of TV Shows and other subscription services as ALT Balaji and others.


You can simply search the ALT Balaji and subscribe the Channel to watch the episodes of all the shows streaming on ALT Balaji.


2.Airtel Tv

Airtel TV is your One-Stop Destination for Live TV, Movies, TV Shows and Videos. Popular Web series, You can stream unlimited movies from this channel if you are a subscribed user of Airtel TV Eros. Unsubscribed users can enjoy a select bouquet of movies for FREE. If you are having an unlimited recharge plan on airtel, you can watch Airtel Xtream App. Airtel Xstream App offers more than Alt Balaji Shows.

 Airtel Tv also includes ALT Balaji shows for free. Download ( AIRTEL TV)

3.Vodafone Play

Vodafone Play is an app for Android created by VODAFONE INDIA LIMITED., https://vodafoneplay.en.uptodown.com/android. … The app takes up 24.8MB, with the average size for its category, funny, being 61.3MB. This app is translated into English and works with the minimum operating system version 8.1.0.

This also includes the shows streamed from Erosnow and Hungama Play.

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Stadia Cloud Game Play Console Key Details with full specs

white xbox one game controller


Stadia Cloud Game Play Console Key Details with full specs:  After the march announcement of cloud gaming by Google i.e Stadia.
Stadia allows playing games without installing the patches, setup files, and others.
What you required is only a good controller to play games. The games are direct fetches from Google data center it makes your gaming experience wow.

Stadia : Cloud Game Play Console Pricing and Other Details
Stadia: Cloud gameplay Console

The highest resolution offered is 4K HDR 60fps with UltraHD sound at the speed of 35MBps.


Having a network bandwidth of 10MBps can also play games at 720p.
Yesterday Stadia get connected to Youtube at live stream.

Stadia : Cloud Game Play Console Pricing and Other Details
Details of Stadia

To know more about Stadia you can also read Stadia: Cloud Game Play by Google

While you’ve probably heard predictions that Google’s Stadia will be the “Netflix of games,” it turns out the analogy only goes so far. While Google intends to eventually have a back catalog of free games included for your $10 monthly fee, Stadia is not primarily a subscription service. The subscription-only includes a single game as of today — Destiny 2. Primarily, Google tells us you should expect to buy, not rent cloud games for the same retail prices you’d find on other platforms like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam.

“We will sell these games like any other digital storefront,” Google’s director of games Jack Buser.

 There are some games which you can play on Stadia :

  • Bandai Namco – Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  • Bethesda – DOOM Eternal, DOOM 2016, Rage 2, The Elder Scrolls Online, Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  • Bungie – Destiny 2
  • Capcom – TBD
  • Coatsink – Get Packed (Stadia exclusive)
  • Codemasters – GRID
  • Deep Silver – Metro Exodus
  • Drool – Thumper
  • Electronic Arts – TBD
  • Giants Software – Farming Simulator 19
  • Larian Studios –  Baldur’s Gate 3
  • nWay Games – Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
  • Rockstar Games – TBD
  • Sega – Football Manager
  • SNK – Samurai Shodown
  • Square Enix – Final Fantasy XV, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  • 2K Games – NBA 2K, Borderlands 3
  • Tequila Works – Gylt (Stadia exclusive)
  • Warner Bros. – Mortal Kombat 11
  • THQ – Darksiders Genesis
  • Ubisoft – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Just Dance, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Trials Rising, The Crew 2

Nokia 2.2 launched with AI innovations

Nokia 2.2 launched with AI innovations: Nokia 2.2 launched with AI innovations and 13MP Camera. It is the most affordable phone comes with Android Q ( Stock Android).

Nokia 2.2 launched first impression by navtechy
Nokia 2.2 First Impression

Nokia 2.2 is an Android One certified phone that comes with the latest Android 9 Pie software experience built-in. It includes 2 years of OS upgrades and 3 years of monthly security updates, ensuring that your phone stays ahead of the curve.

With no clutter or third-party software holding you back and an AI that learns how you use your phone, you’ve got an Android experience that feels pure and personal.

PRICE. ₹6,999
In Euros €100

Get help on the go or at home, with just one tap

Now with the Nokia 2.2, you have a dedicated button for Google assistant that helps you to do work faster. It can learn what you search, your choices and recommendations.

See better in the dark

Nokia 2.2 comes with 13 MP camera that works on advanced low-light feature helps to get better images in low-light.

High quality. Amazing design.

Nokia is always is known for its body part and design. Nokia 2.2 is designed in Europe with high standards of quality. The body is comprised of polycarbonate body and with a gloss finish, beauty and it’s a strength.
Via Nokia

Huawei new trademark registered : Hongmeng Os

Huawei , after completely ban in US market and from  using the Google services .
The market suffered a lot ,but it’s always have a Plan B .Huawei tries to grow without android and microsoft well is not pretty .

Huawei Hongmeng Os (operating system)
Huawei Hongmeng Os

Yesterday Huawei registered his trademark ” Hongmeng Os ” an Huawei Operating System .
According to the developers team of huawei the OS has been already tested in some part of China .
Hongmeng Os may comes to worldwide market in 2020.

Huawei phones in UK may comes with 5G services as Britain is set to launch.Hongmeng Os  may comes with very different options than android but it’s seems to be interesting whether it will rules the market or get dumped ?

With lossing services of Google and Microsoft,  Huawei phones will not comes with sd card in future.Thats all about Huawei new trademark registered : Hongmeng Os

Error Fix Downloading Apps From Play Store


Error downloading apps from play store in Android
Sometimes we face difficulties in downloading apps from Google play store .
To solve this problem you must check out some of the tips .
  Check your internet connection as the way of download apk is not by wifi .
There is no option of downloading multiple apk once at a time in play store . If your app is showing pending then it might take some time to start the download or there may be an existing apk is downloading in background.
  You can clear the cache of the play store
   by moving to settings of the play store this can reset the data of the play store .
After clear the cache select the google account in the play store and reboot the device .

Galaxy A70 & A80 by Samsung launched Globally

Samsung Galaxy A80, launch highlights; Galaxy A80 is Samsung’s initial phone with a rotating pop-up camera. Samsung A Galaxy Event Apr 2019 highlights, Galaxy A70 and A80 with a rotating pop-up camera launched globally. The corporate conjointly proclaimed that its Galaxy J series has been unified with the Galaxy A series.

Samsung A Galaxy Event April 2019 highlights, Samsung has launched 2 new Galaxy A-series smartphones – Galaxy A70 and Galaxy A80 at its ‘A Galaxy’ events in Bangkok, Milan, and Sao Paolo. The Galaxy A80 and Galaxy A70 feature totally different options and specifications. We have a tendency to expect each of the smartphones to launch in Bharat before expected. the corporation has additionally incorporated its Galaxy J-series into its Galaxy A series of smartphones.

Out of the 2, the Galaxy A70 and A80 are the company’s 1st smartphone with a rotating camera. This phone is additionally the primary smartphone to be high-powered by Qualcomm’s newest flower 730G processor, which is optimized for mobile diversion. Meanwhile, the Galaxy A70 may be a mid-range device.

Whatsapp Comes With new Controls


Whatsapp Comes With new Controls

Whatsapp Comes With new Controls in the Latest update of its Android Version.
Whatsapp new update , how to create the group
This update  features the users to control
, Who can add them to the group in Whatsapp – a key demand of the Indian Government.
Android users can enable this setting by
navigating to Accounts >Privacy >Groups
and select the options as (anyone )
  . No one
   .My Contacts ( One who have saved your      number )
Earlier there is no choice for users getting added to the groups.
This group adds control feature is currently rolling for the latest Android user, comes for the rest in upcoming weeks.
Facebook-owned Whatsapp and to the concern of the Lok Sabha elections in India.
To control over the fake news in Whatsapp and other Facebook labeled apps, Facebook introduces many of the new Controls and change its Algorithm.