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Nokia X71 specs leaked online

Nokia X71 Specs leaked ,Sketched image , triple camera and more.

Nokia 8.1 plus aka Nokia  X71 has set to be launched by HMD global  on April 2 ahead .

The image is leaked by any dependent
signed on image

Nokia image :courtsey

Some specs of Nokia X71 

  • 6.4-inch, Full HD IPS-LCD display
  • Snapdragon 660
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 48+2+5 MP triple camera
  • 3500 mAH battery

The phones comes with 48+5+2mp camera and 660 Snapdragon processor .
6gb RAM and a notch display.

Snake Game in Google Maps: Google Maps

Google adds Snake game  in Google Maps 

Omar Abdelaziz, Product Manager of Google Maps, announced in a blog post and twetted about the new game that will include different places across the world.

This feature is available on both Android and ios . Snake game  on Google map will last this week . 
Google also implements a standalone site to play this game for user having no app installed.

Src: Google image


Users can find the game in the menu of the Maps app. To play, you select a city (Cairo, São Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo, or the entire world), and swipe to move your train or bus around the map to pick up passengers and landmarks.

WhatsApp Touch-id & Dark Mode: WhatsApp Beta

A few months earlier WhatsApp announces about the new upcoming features on Android and iOS Devices.
After a long Christmas break, a new privacy feature in the beta version of WhatsApp is spotted.
Facebook has always been a concern about the privacy of the user. The fingerprint locked with touch-id gives the user encryption to the chats and the data.

You can simply switch to the beta community of WhatsApp by the Google play store.

One can simply join the beta community by Google play store in WhatsApp.
The dark mode is also been spotted in beta version but it is not confirmed yet when this feature gets in the stable version of WhatsApp.

To enable the fingerprint in WhatsApp go to settings > privacy > Fingerprint locked

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: consecutive voice messages

This feature helps the user in listing all the consecutive voice messages or audio files sent by the contacts.
On click, all the consecutive audio files will play one after the 
The feature also allows the users to easily send the audio messages (preview) to contacts.

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: Media preview

Media Preview is the best feature I must say. Media preview helps to preview the video messages before download, it also previews the links without redirecting it to the browser.

The features like media preview and consecutive voice messages can be available soon to the stable version of Whatsapp.

                              DOWNLOAD WHATSAPP

 Click the link to know about other new features.

Crop photos Automatically: Google photos

Automatically Crop of photos and documents in Google photos.

In daily life, we often have to crop images.
You may feel it’s time killing and painful sometime to work with other third-party apps.
What if it’s done automatically.
Google with Android comes with this automatic feature of auto-cropping.
Google photos tweeted today about this feature.

According to this tweet, this feature can get available this week.

Google photos automatically detect your documents and images and suggest you appropriate crop ratio.
It can also rotate your images if necessary plus improve the clarity and brighten the image.

You have to only click to a particular section.

   Download Google Photos

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Android Q Beta File Manager, you should know about

android Q
Google has introduced the latest version Android Q beta version for all constituent devices earlier on and it brings various cool options in a row, as well as straight forward Wi-Fi sharing, native screen recording, and a sneaky system-wide dark mode.

src :// beebom

You must’ve already examined the new material themed file manager in  Android Q. The new app appearance cleaner and reliable, however additionally includes a handy feature that you may not have detected. The native File Manager in  Android Q is that the default app for sharing or uploading files and currently introduces a choice to preview files before you attach them to an email, forward to WhatsApp contacts, or transfer to Google Drive. As seen within the image below, you’ll currently face the ‘expand’ icon next to file names to preview them and ensure the file before causing them over to somebody.

Src :// beebom.com

The preview feature within the file manager works not just for pictures and videos via the in-built viewer (can switch to third-party apps too), however, you’re liberated to see PDF files, audio files, and alternative file varieties before you share them also. File varieties that square measure unsupported like nothing or APK show an ‘unable to preview file’ banner.
The new File Manager app on  Android Q has been very improved, each in terms of appearance and practicality, as compared to the files app on previous android versions. you’ll currently filter files on the premise of its varieties from the highest bar itself and it’s a dark mode too. So, it’s a well-rounded nice app that’s in line with the refinements introduced with  Android version.

Have you experienced the features of Android Q beta version ? Let us  help to understand your thoughts within the comments below.

New features revealed by Google in Google Map

A new feature in Google Map

Google Map new feature

According to the report of AndroidPolice, Google Maps can have a brand new feature that may provide users access to share or add a happening.

The new “Add an Event” feature is being announced on Google Maps facilitate web site. Users can get to open the Google Maps app, click the Contribute tab choice, move to the Events, and realize the “Add a public event possible, to use the new feature. once a piece of writing a happening, the creator can simply get to top off all the main points of their event. The users will have AN possibility if they require to get rid of the event by choosing the “Edit this event” choice and click on on “Delete this event” possibility.

The “Add an Event” feature is barely out there on golem devices like phones and pill. the corporate confirmed that some regions won’t be able to access the new feature.

What’s new in Firefox Mozilla update

What’s new in Firefox Mozilla update Mozilla Firefox has free version sixty-six of its Firefox browser. It gives options all of the same old technical school updates and bug fixes. However, there’s additionally a transparent theme here, reducing online annoyances. With this update, we will currently mechanically block auto-playing audio and video — the scourge of the trendy net. The means Mozilla has enforced this can be good enough to acknowledge once a video is wiggling with the audio muted, still let the page quietly play that video.

To play the video on a website wherever Firefox has blocked the video, you just click the play button. you’ll be able to additionally continuously whitelist sites with autoplaying and unmuted videos, too.

Another major annoyance lately is ads that load when the text or different content on a website is already visible. Often, the ad then moves that text around (and sometimes, slow-loading pictures square measure accountable here, too). With this update, Firefox is introducing scroll anchoring, that ensures that you’re not aiming to bounce around on the page as these slow-loading ads load.

mozilla firefox update

Other updates during this unharness embrace the power to go looking inside multiple tabs, higher search privately browsing mode, improved and clearer security warnings and net authentication support for Windows howdy. Firefox sixty-six additionally guarantees associate improved extension expertise that ought to build pages load quicker by storing extension settings in an exceeding line rather than a series of individual files for each extension. Download

How to download your user data : Google Plus is shutting down

 A few months ago Google announces on Jan 14, 2019, about the shutting down of  Google +.

Google + is completely in the way to be like Facebook but not becomes as good as a competitor.
Due to the data breach in Google + the Google decided to shut down Google+ API, Google+ sign-in, Google+  Oauth.
Google + API has been shut down on March 7, the Google plus is scheduled to be shut down in April the First week.
The user can download their data from the Google + Profile and shifts to secure Google Sign-in and Google API.
To download your photos and videos from Google Plus profile click here for instructions.
The Google plus brand account for youtube will remain existing, YouTubers can use it for their branding content profiles.
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Stadia : Cloud Game Play by Google

Google introduces Video games for every Browser.

Imagine you have an option to play games in your browser without having a setup application on your device.

Google introduces Stadia a new cloud gaming environment on browser enables you to play games.
You can reach to the gameplay just in 5 seconds either by a youtube link or by Browsing to Stadia.com in your browser stadia game play console.

It requires a bandwidth of 15 Mbps and has the gameplay of 15fps on UltraHD 4k formats.

At launching event, google promises that it will run on Laptops, tablets, and phones without any hardware acceleration instead of the Google data center.

There is a lot of stuff to know about Stadia.

For a 1080p 30fps game experience at High settings in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,  a Ubisoft recommends a system with the following specs:

  • OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64-bit versions only)
  • Processor: AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 GHz, Ryzen 5 – 1400, Intel Core i7-3770 @ 3.5 GHz
  • Video: AMD Radeon R9 290 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (4GB VRAM or more with Shader Model 5.0) or better
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Video Preset: High
  • Storage: 46GB available hard drive space
  • DirectX: DirectX June 2010 Redistributable
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers

Stadia will also work with Google Chromecast, you can easily cast it to TV  tablets or phones are not mentioned.

Stadia game play console will auto synchronized the logs on the different devices simultaneously. You can easily continue to the phone from your laptop.

Introducing Android Q Beta: The latest Android

android q beta

Introducing Android Q Beta: The latest Android

In 2019, mobile innovation is stronger than ever, with new technologies from 5G to edge displays and even folding screens. automaton is true in the middle of this innovation cycle, and due to the broad the system of partners across billions of devices, Android’s serving to push the boundaries of hardware and computer code conveyance new experiences and capabilities to users.
As the mobile system evolves, the automaton is targeted on serving users’ profit of the newest innovations, whereas ensuring users’ security and privacy square measure continually a high priority. Building on high of efforts like Google Play defend and runtime permissions, automaton the letter brings a variety of extra privacy and safety features for users, in addition as enhancements for foldable, new arthropod genus for the property, new media codecs and camera capabilities, NNAPI extensions, Vulkan 1.1 support, quicker app startup, and more.
Android Q
Today we’re cathartic Beta one of automaton letter for early adopters and a preview SDK for developers. you’ll be able to start with Beta one these days by enrolling any element device (including the initial element and element XL, that we’ve extended support for by common demand!) Please allow us to recognize what you think! browse on for a style of what is in automaton letter, and we’ll see you at Google I/O in could once we’ll have even added to share.

Control over location

Android Q allows users to have more control over the location of the device. Many apps use the location In the background (while apps are not in use).

Apps permissions


This latest version of Android  gives us three  editable permissions in apps
·         Allow this time
·         Allow only while the app is in use
·         Deny
Any app while not in use does not require the location to be accessed and that’s Android Q brings.

Privacy Protections

Android Q making further updates beyond the location such as users control and transparency of data. Users will be able to control the app’s access to their files from local storage or from the downloads folder.
Android Q also blocks the app from coming in the foreground of a running app without permission.
Users can control the sharing of files to the apps.
foldable screen UI

Foldable screens

Nowadays the foldable devices have opened up some innovative use case experiences. Android Q makes changes to resizable activity manifest attribute works, to help you manage how your app is displayed on foldable and large screens.

Better Shortcuts for sharing

The process should be very fast while sharing a file with another app. Android Q makes this easier by sharing shortcuts which let directly jumps into another app to share content. The share UI can load instantly when launched.

setting panel view

Setting panels view

The setting panel is a floating UI, that shows system settings like wifi, mobile hotspot, and others.
Android Q makes this UI more efficient and easy to use.
The wifi performance with this version of Android gets improved With privacy. The wifi assistant got WPA3 and Enhanced Open, to improve security for your personal and professional networks as well as private/public Networks.

Camera, Media, and Graphics

1.Dynamic depth for photos
2.New Audio
3.Specialized Blur and Bokeh photos

Security for apps

The Android Q adds bio-metric passive authentication such as the face and adding explicit authentication flows.
Android Q adds support for TLS 1.3, a major revision to the TLS standard that includes performance benefits and enhanced security.
As per developers blog of Android
     Next, update your app’s targetSdkVersion to ‘Q’ as soon as possible. This lets you test your app with all of the privacy and security features in Android Q, as well as any other behavior changes for apps targeting Q.


On Google pixel—Pixel 3, Pixel 2, and on any other pixel devices, you can easily get the Android Q Beta by the On The Air Update.
If you don’t have the pixel device, you can use the android emulator, and download the latest emulator system images via the SDK Manager in Android Studio.
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WhatsApp Upcoming Features: Picture in Picture Mode, Media preview

Whatsapp updates

WhatsApp Upcoming Features in 2019

WhatsApp as the most used messaging app in the world. Whatsapp has upcoming features like Picture in Picture mode, Group video calling, voice calling and more.
WhatsApp has  1.3 billion daily users. Whatsapp has such amazing features and an easy user interface to communicate Person to Person.
Facebook limits the no. of users forward ability maximum to five. It’s rolling out all over the users in WhatsApp update.

navtechy : whatsapp upcoming features
WhatsApp Users Data

In 2019, WhatsApp may come with some features like Dark mode, 3d touch stickers, consecutive voice messages, media preview and many more.

In terms of Privacy WhatsApp may introduce Fingerprint lock for the user to secure the messages from the unauthorized.

WhatsApp Upcoming Feature:

Dark mode

navtechy : whatsapp upcoming features
Whatsapp Upcoming Updates

The dark mode is popular after introduced by Youtube and Facebook in streaming videos. According to the report of Google, the dark mode consumes less battery as compared to the light mode. The dark mode in WhatsApp help the users to use in the night with low light, it does not hamper the eyes of users, it also reduces the battery consumption.

 Fingerprint lock

The privacy is always at the top for the organization to its users.WhatsApp always takes this consideration since it introduced the end to end privacy to the WhatsApp chat. Fingerprint lock takes user privacy to the next level.

 Consecutive voice messages

This feature helps the user in listing all the consecutive voice messages or audio files sent by the contacts.
On click, all the consecutive audio files will play one after the 
The feature also allows the users to easily send the audio messages (preview) to contacts.
 Media preview

Media Preview is the best feature I must say. Media preview helps to preview the video messages before download, it also previews the links without redirecting it to the browser.

These all the above-listed features are WhatsApp’s upcoming features.

Facebook redesigned messenger app : Messenger Update

fb redesigned messenger

Facebook redesigned messenger app

The Facebook update is rolling out for messenger app.

In last may ,in Facebook F8 Developer Conference,Facebook announces its redesigned messenger app.

The redesigned messenger app is finally rolling out on Apple Store and Google Play Store .It is verified that it is available on both the platforms,but it may takes some time for the latest update to available for everyone.
On yesterday the update is released the new update is all about the  interface ,dark mode and put the user messages front and center once again.
According to report,the redesigned messenger app now  carries three bottom tabs as Conversations,Discover and People.The Discover tabs now carries the Game and additional features .
The Camera button moves to the right of the chat button.
facebook redesigned messenger post by Navtechy
Features listed as :

The Dark mode is most anticipated.Till now it has not been confirmed, how to activate it is still unknown.This update said we might not have to wait long to try it.

It should be available within a few days after being done from the server-side.

Fake Android Apps on Play store: Play Store Apps

Android App with over 50,000 downloads in Google Play store found fake claimed by Quick Heal.

Fake app on playstore by navtechy.blogspot.com
In the global IT security firm, Quick Heal technologies researchers discovered certain fake apps in Google Play store over 50,000 downloads.
The apps trick users to rate other sponsored apps.
An Android malware analyst Rupali Parate
at Quick technologies wrote in a blog on Friday “These applications appear to be genuine as pdf scanner, pdf reader but they don’t have the same functionality“.
These apps basically increase the downloads count on the sponsored apps by prompting users to download the app and rate to 5 stars.
The user is able to use the unlock version of the application after installing and rating the sponsored apps, But after 24 hours it sticks in the loop and again asking for the same.
Parate said “But after 24 hours the same loop starts. It asks user to login with some credentials and ask them to download the same application and rate it on the Play store.
In blog Parate mentions “Users should be careful while downloading such fake applications from play store, Users can easily recognize them by going through the reviews “.
Quick heal reported these applications to Google.